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  • AmeriAdvance

    The perfect cash lenders will offer low rates with no faxing and no credit check. If that is your idea of a perfect payday loan company, AmeriAdvance would be perfect for you. This is a company that strives to provide families with the money they need to make ends meet. This company is one of the best payday loan lenders around.

  • PayDayMax

    The main focus for the PayDayMax Company is to help the new comers to the world of online payday loans. A lot of people have never applied for a loan on the internet. These people will have many questions that need to be answered almost instantly. This payday advance company strives to answer any questions you may have.

  • Discount Advances

    One of the best cash lenders to borrow money from is Discount Advances. They are known for giving out different coupons and discounts when it comes to the interest rates and fees.


  • AmeriAdvance


    If you have just had an emergency and need a certain amount quickly, Ameriadvance is the lender you need. They are great with lending money to people in need in little to no time at all. The maximum amount of a loan you can get is $1500. This means you can borrow a few hundred dollars to fix whatever emergency you might be having. The great thing about this company is it offers no fax payday loans. Some companies require the applicants to fax their personal documents in. This can be a waste of time and effort. This company is one of the fastest payday loan lenders when it comes to contacting you. after you submit your application, a representative will contact you within an hour. Once you have spoken with a staff member, you will receive your money in less than 24 hours. You will be completely satisfied with a payday loan from this company.

  • 100 Day Loans

    100 Day Loans

    If you are looking for a loan from the perfect company, look no further than 100 Day Loans. They strive to give the best rates around with the most amount of time for the repayments. They give the borrowers 100 days to pay back their loan in full. This is the longest amount of time for repayments out of any other loan company. You can process your loan through this company using a few different methods. The most popular is the internet. You can apply for the loan and receive your money completely online. You can also process your loans over the phone. This gives the consumers a more personable experience than an automated experience. If you need your money fast, look for this lending company. If you need a little extra time to make your full repayments, this company will work with you until you are back on your feet.


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The Pros And Cons Of Borrowing Money From Direct Payday Lenders

In the world of consumerism, cash is an important matter. It gives you the ability to have purchasing power that can help you with your everyday needs. But because cash can only be attained through work, typical workers cannot just spend everything on such a short notice. A shortage of cash can mean a disruption of your everyday cycle. This is where payday loans become important.

Payday loans are loans you can have if you are in a tight situation. Because of its ease in transaction and because of its prevalence, it becomes an important savior for those who seem to get caught up in a situation wherein the event entails him to have extra cash. Money is not the problem for such situation, but how to acquire money is the problem.

There are many direct payday lenders abound on the Internet for the person to choose from. There are many concepts and ideas regarding direct payday lenders, making the person either encouraged or discouraged to get a loan through this way.  This then becomes a problem; because of misconceptions, a person would be too scared of loaning money from direct payday lenders. But if that person is wise enough to first find facts about it, he would surely be satisfied with the end results of his small scale research. The importance of direct payday lenders for people today gives them more freedom and more ability than before. Direct payday lenders have its advantages and disadvantages, but the disadvantages are mainly due to loaners’ inabilities. Here are the pros and cons of direct payday lenders, and why you should not be discouraged from loaning that extra cash from these people or entities.


Direct payday lenders can lend you money with just a simple online application process. You can even do this via phone call. The ease of application compared to long lines in the bank or even calling your parents for extra cash helps you in many ways. First, the transaction is just between you and the lender. Second, you wouldn’t feel ashamed of that loan simply because you know that you are lending a certain amount of money that you can pay. Direct payday lenders have a variety of terms you can choose from, and they would assess how much money you can loan depending on your monthly salary.

Direct payday lenders also actually help you increase your credit worth. Since you are loaning money that you can pay on time, your credit situation goes from bad to good. Gone are the days wherein you have to prove that your credit is bad or good. Easy loaning can be achieved once you use the proper direct payday system – especially designed for you and the lenders’ benefit.

Financial and transaction as well as disclosed information are secure. Whatever amount of information you give to these direct payday lenders, even through online, will be given top priority and would be taken as confidential information. You do not need to worry about other lending companies knowing your personal information. Confidentiality is one of direct payday lenders’ quality.

Another pro is that the cost of your loan depends on the terms that you qualify for, making the rates of the loan significantly lower than other forms of loans. Because the money you can borrow depends on the amount of money you earn monthly, payday loans guarantee you that you wouldn’t drown in debt.

The process of acquiring a loan form direct payday lenders is actually simple. First, fill up an online application on their website. Next is to submit it. Then wait for the confirmation, which usually just takes an hour. With that, you can receive your loan on your bank account. This hassle free lending system guarantees that you wouldn’t waste time, money and effort, and that you are guaranteed to get a loan as fast as you want it to be.

Another pro is that you can choose either a fax or faxless verification of application. Since documents are needed in order for you to prove that you indeed have a monthly salary, and you can choose to fax or simply email these to the direct payday lenders. This hassle free application and approval can give you your monetary need in a matter of hours.


As with services, being disapproved by the direct payday lender can be attributed as a con. Because you need to provide a monthly salary to get a specific loan, the disadvantage of being unemployed becomes a problem.

Another is that the inability to pay the loan on time can give you problems. Although the required information entails you to submit documents regarding your monthly income, if you happen to skip a billing period your credit might go bad with payday loans. This is because the loans are created according to your paying abilities, so not being able to pay on-time is not the problem of the lender, but is your problem.

The Verdict

Direct payday loans enable the loan to maintain its rate and the rates and terms of repayment are created so that there is an assurance that the loaner can pay it on time. Because direct payday lenders exactly give you what you expected, the repayment terms given are apt for your instant need. The prevalence and existence of direct payday lenders are important signs that many customers have been helped and have been satisfied with the service. Because extra cash is difficult to find nowadays, the essence of payday loans becomes a solution for your financial woes.

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